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in 2018 you have to lead the way

Marketers can confirm: the largest share of internet traffic today comes from a mobile device. You probably already anticipated this with a responsive web design, but did you know that you can go one step further? With mobile first. Consumer collective UnitedConsumers already preceded you.

” Mobile first is a strategy that fully anticipates the mobile user”, says Paul van Selms of Tablets and laptops are used less, while the screens of mobile phones take up more and more space. When the design of a website was primarily focused on the desktop version with an adapted responsive design, the mobile device is now the starting point for the design of the website. “Only a responsive design is no longer sufficient. The images on our new website are fully adapted to mobile devices, making the website load even faster. And that rewards Google with a higher ranking. ”

The share of website traffic coming from a mobile device is increasing. A year ago, 31.48 percent in the Netherlands came from a mobile device, today it is 33.2 percent. This percentage is even higher worldwide: in March 2018 no less than 51.56 per cent of Internet traffic came from a mobile phone (source: Statcounter ). Worldwide traffic from an iPad is a bit lower than in the Netherlands: 4.18 percent.

Google knows that badly and will soon come with a mobile first index: web pages that are fully optimized on a mobile device will be higher in the results. Consumers’ collective UnitedConsumers recently chose the website to build a mobile first web design.

Progressive Web App

UnitedConsumers wants to give its customers the idea that their fixed costs are just in their pocket. “During the design of the website, the mobile design was first made,” says Van Selms. We have chosen a website that looks and feels like an app, but that is essentially not: a Progressive Web App. “Users do not have to download an app, but they can simply use the website as an app. All they have to do is save the website on their homescreen. “When the website is visited twice, the device itself asks whether a shortcut should be made.” The Progressive Web App can be used for Google Chrome users since version 57. With the iOS 11.3 update from the beginning of March, Safari users will also have access to the Progressive Web App. Windows users are expected to update to Windows 10 with support for Progressive Web Apps early in the spring of 2018. Firefox 58 for Android also offers support.

The advantages of a Progressive Web App

The PWA has many advantages. “In the future we can send push notifications for each product and adjust our offer on the user’s location. For example by giving a message when they are near a gas station where you can fill up with a discount. This encourages the use of the fuel card and it is just an extra bit of service. “The app uses cookies, so that after a while it also works offline. “And thanks to the https protocol it is very safe, which removes the threshold to use one.” The PWA has a lot of user-friendliness. Consumers do not have to do any updates, which is the case with an app. The PWA also does not take up storage space, and that space is often a barrier for consumers not to download an app.

Ease of use on one

After logging in to the website, the visitor is able to see at a glance which products are already being purchased and which ones are not yet. A calculation module shows how much you can save each year by closing one of our other products. “The products with a check mark are active, those with a lock are inactive. In addition, you can quickly see what you have already spared or which products are still being processed. ”

UnitedConsumers has five products: energy, health insurance, car insurance, mobile, refueling and cell phone. These products are immediately at the top of the homepage, so there is no need to search unnecessarily. “This was done with the thought in mind that the mobile user has a short attention span. He wants quick answers to his question and quickly finds what he is looking for. No more unnecessary fuss and simply see what you need. ”

A desktop user will be looking for more background information and has the time to take things easy. This will be faster looking for a video or article, hence the desktop version also shows a company animation and contains more content than the mobile version ( example ). The mobile version shows – in the case of a new user – the five products and the savings balance and the contact details of the company.

After logging in no longer on commercial page

Another innovative change is the fact that after logging in a non-commercial environment was chosen. “The returning visitor who has already logged in sees a different start page than a visitor who is not logged in. The logged-in visitor does not start in the commercial environment, but immediately in the ‘my environment’. “This is a change that has not yet been applied to many websites. Participants can thus get to know the discount services in a playful way, which promotes the customer experience.

In the coming period the website will be tested and possible improvements will be made. Several users have been asked to test the website and submit feedback.

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