Images Steam games may soon no longer contain marketing texts

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Developers and publishers will no longer be allowed to display marketing texts in banners and other images of their games on Steam from September 1. This means that, among other things, review scores and logos of awards may no longer be visible in the images.

Valve has noticed that the images in games contain more and more marketing texts, writes the platform. In some cases, the name of the game no longer stands out. That is why Steam has set up new rules, which will take effect from September 1. The content of the images may only contain artwork, the name, and any official subtitles of the game. What is not allowed are the names and logos of awards, review scores, discount promotions or text and images that promote other titles. The banners can be seen in users’ Steam libraries, among other things.

“We understand that developers want to convince players of the quality of their games. But Steam already has space on the store pages to present this information. There, quotes from reviews, scores and special awards each have their own place and customers can easily find that information Steam writes.

Different rules apply when announcing major updates or seasonal events. In addition, images of games may be provided with temporary notes, which may be visible for a maximum of one month. The text may only promote the new content and must be readable in all languages ​​that the game supports.

Source: Steam