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Ikea and Sonos are going to make speakers together and show prototypes

Ikea is increasingly busy with smart home devices and after their smart lamps and the previously announced portable speakers the furniture company today announced a new series of speakers at its own event . The Symfonisk line was created in collaboration with speaker manufacturer Sonos. This not only means that the quality of the speakers is likely to be more than nice, but also that the speakers work together with the Sonos system for wireless streaming.

That’s smart, because just as the collaboration with Philips and Hue for the smart lights helps enormously, this collaboration for people with an already existing Sonos setup can be a reason to add another Ikea speaker. There are different versions of the speakers, including one that you can integrate into other Ikea furniture such as kitchen cabinets. You could also hang a speaker on the wall and use it as a wall shelf, Ikea says.


The designs are not yet completely out of the prototype phase, but a number of test setups have already been shared by both companies. Again, these are just sketches and it could well be that the final speakers will look very different. We will have to wait a bit before we can enjoy the looks and sound of these speakers. The Symfonisk does not arrive until the end of 2019.
Ikea and Sonos are going to work together for a long time, they say, and these wireless speakers are the first fruits of that. The interesting aspect of the speakers is of course what they will cost. When you consider that the cheapest Sonos speakers start at 150 you can assume that the Ikea speakers will be cheaper than that. Our guess? If the prototype in terms of speaker is a bit comparable to a Play: 3, you can expect that it will cost no more than 100 or a maximum of 150 at Ikea. If you get a speaker for that money with the convenience of a Sonos that also comes close to sound quality you have a good deal.

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