iFixit starts selling spare parts for Steam Deck and Valve Index

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iFixit and Valve have officially started selling spare parts for the Valve Index VR headset and the Steam Deck handheld. Last week, the list of prices of the Steam Deck parts appeared online early.

a lot of the Steam Deck- and Valve Index Parts have since appeared online on the iFixit website. According to the company there is a lot of demand for it. That is why many spare parts are already sold out. IFixit writes that more parts are on the way and that new spare parts will be available in the coming weeks.

IFixit already published the prices of its Steam Deck parts last week, but the company later took them offline. Company reports on Twitter that this online posting happened ahead of schedule. The company is now reporting that the Steam Deck parts have been officially released and the Valve Index spare parts have also appeared. The prices of Valve Index parts were not yet known.

Not all parts are available yet. Among other things, the motherboard of the Steam Deck is currently still missing. According to the previously published parts list, that part will cost $350 when it comes out, excluding shipping or tax. Also a replacement SSD or battery are not available at the moment. Prices for those parts are not yet known.

iFixit makes the individual part of all components available. The company also offers Fix Kits for certain parts for an additional $5. This includes the necessary tools to carry out the repairs. Valve previously announced that it will partner with iFixit would start selling spare parts for the Steam Deck and Indexbut did not give a concrete release date yet.

Valve Index Parts

Element Price (excl. VAT and shipping costs)
‘Tether’ and ‘trident’ cables 100 dollars
Leftjudge speaker 50 dollars
Field-of-view adjustment knob 7 dollars
Headband $110
Headband Adjustment Knob 7 dollars
‘tube assembly’ leftright eye 135 dollars
Face Gasket 40 dollars
Head Strap Clip 40 dollars
Head Strap Adjustment Pad 13 dollars
Front Cover 15 dollars
Food (EU) 35 dollars
controller lanyard 6 dollars
Strap controller (lR 6 dollars
Power Base Stations (EU) 30 dollars
Steam Deck Parts
Element Price (excl. VAT and shipping costs)
Motherboard Not yet available
Screen (64 and 256GB) 95 dollars
Screen (512GB) 100 dollars
Fan 25 dollars
thumb stick (lR 20 dollars
daughter board (lR Not yet available
speakers 25 dollars
Rubber membrane
D-Padaction buttonssteam button
5 dollars
Bumper button ‘assembly’ (lR 7 dollars
front panel 25 dollars
back plate 25 dollars
Trigger button (lR 5 dollars
Food (EU) 25 dollars
Adhesive (screenbattery 5 dollars

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