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IDC: Xiaomi has almost doubled smartphone deliveries within a year

Xiaomi has delivered nearly twice as many smartphones in the quarter as it did a year ago, analyst firm IDC claims. This makes Xiaomi the biggest winner in the worldwide smartphone market.

The number of Xiaomi smartphones delivered increased from 14.8 million a year ago to 28 million in the past quarter, claims IDC on the basis of own estimates.
According to the analyst firm, this is mainly due to the higher deliveries in countries outside of China. IDC estimates that for the first time Xiaomi has supplied more smartphones outside China than in the home country itself.
Xiaomi displaces Vivo out of the worldwide top five smartphone makers. The Chinese sister brand of Oppo and OnePlus was last year . Vivo became better known last year, partly because a Vivo smartphone was the first with a fingerprint scanner behind the screen .
Samsung remains the global market leader, despite the fact that the deliveries according to IDC slightly down on last year. Apple remains in second place with a slight increase. Huawei delivered a lot more devices and remains third. Worldwide, manufacturers delivered slightly fewer smartphones than last year, according to IDC because there are no longer new users of smartphones. The turnover in the smartphone market did rise, because people increasingly buy expensive smartphones .

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