IBM sues Microsoft, HP, Sun and Baystar in SCO case

As is well known, emails have leaked in the past showing that there was a connection between Microsoft, Baystar and SCO in relation to SCO’s lawsuit against IBM. Some quotes from the related emails indicated that Microsoft had made a significant investment in SCO through Baystar so that the latter could stay afloat to continue the fight against IBM. Big Blue apparently takes these insinuations seriously and has now demanded that the companies involved disclose all information regarding their mutual relationships in court. Not only Microsoft and Baystar, but also Sun Microsystems and HP are being sued. These four IBM competitors will have until March 7 to comply with the request.

The subpoenas come during the exploratory phase of SCO’s lawsuit against IBM, giving IBM time to gather sufficient evidence to present in its defense. Microsoft already paid SCO $16 million for a Unix license in early 2003 and added an indirect investment of $50 million by referring SCO to Baystar. Sun paid the company more than $9 million in license fees, but is now also required to disclose details of his contribution to the Unix source code and is required to submit all documents related to the open source of its products to court. HP will be required to provide a statement of all Unix software agreements involving HP, AT&T, USL, Novell, Santa Cruz and SCO. In addition, it must also publish all communications with SCO since 2002.