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Hyundai will show flying car concept during CES

Hyundai will announce a concept of a flying car at the Consumer Electronics Show. These cars will be able to take off and land from hubs specially built for this purpose.

The manufacturer calls this car, Personal Air Vehicle, or PAV which shows that the cars must be used for personal use; many companies are working on flying cars. Hyundai does not provide much information, so it is not yet clear what exactly the company will show to the public during the CES. It is clear, however, that it is a concept car.

There are opportunities for taking off and landing within the hubs, which have to appear in several places in cities. Hyundai also sees this as places for people to come together.

Hyundai also mentions the development of a fully self-driving car; this is also discussed during the presentations at CES. Further details are missing, but it was already known that Hyundai wants to launch self-driving cars in 2022.

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