Hyundai comes with an electric car for young children

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The concept is not completely new, we have to explain unique, but one thing is for sure, it is super fun. An electric car for the little ones! Hyundai’s latest mini-EV, specially designed for young drivers, is based entirely on the Hyundai 45 Concept EV unveiled at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt last year.

Besides the battery of this mini-EV, there are still a number of questions. The small car shows a striking number of similarities with the mini 45 Concept EV, but it does not yet have a name. We do not know whether this is a marketing stunt, and whether the crazy cart will hit the (Dutch) market is also unknown, as is the price. But as stated above, it is certainly fun. You cannot start early enough to make your children aware that in the future transport is mainly sustainable, just like the car of mom and dad.

For that credibility you must of course also choose something with a plug. The 45 Concept EV XS, we call it for convenience – the kids mini EV – stands out because of its design. Hyundai does have text on it, but we just call it a cool thing that is great fun and completely contemporary.

Top speed 7 km, range unknown

For the average automotive journalist, this ‘kids mini EV’ cannot be described, of course, because the two DC motors provide a sprint from 0 to max 7 km / hour, but how fast that goes is not mentioned. We estimate that launch at 3.7 seconds because with a too fast start the little one naturally flies out of his seat (completely inspired by motorsport placed in the middle of the mini EV). The range aka action radius is also not mentioned, yet a ‘very’ popular and super important topic. Lane assist would be useful in the living room and adaptive cruise control in the back of the garden seems safe to us.

Emotion Adaptive Vehicle Control technology

As with the 45 Concept EV, the mini-EV was built using ecological materials, in this case wood. Furthermore, the car is equipped with Emotion Adaptive Vehicle Control technology (EAVC), ahum you can explain that to the children later because at Honda that abbreviation stands for Electronic and Air Controlled Valve. More details on how this one-person EV provides a ‘unique mobility experience’ for children will follow later.

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