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Hyperloop team TU Delft seizes next to the top prize in the SpaceX competition

Very unfortunate. Students of the Delft Hyperloop team have been unable to win an important game in California. The aim was to have a Hyperloop (vacuum train) go through a tube with about 450 kilometers per hour and thus to reach the world record, but on the competition day the technology failed and the capsule from Delft did not even reach the 150 kilometers. per hour. A team from Munich succeeded during the race and they also set a new world record with a speed of 466 kilometers per hour.

Well it is not as if there has been a spectacular failure in Delft, far from: there were hundreds of teams registered for the race and Delft Hyperloop was one of only four teams that have come through all inspections and selections to have a time at all. are allowed to drop. That is an achievement in itself and although it is a cliché, participating in itself was just as important as winning.

That said it would have been better if the speed of the Delft Hyperloop had been up to standard. The competition, written by Elon Musk’s SpaceX, has been held a few times before. At the beginning of last year Delft was able to win the first but they also had to surrender the previous one to the Munich team (WARR Hyperloop). It means that the Netherlands and Delft specifically play a role in this new technology and hopefully the team can score better in the next game.

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