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Huawei will release HarmonyOS speakers, wearables and VR headsets next year

Huawei is not yet launching smartphones, tablets or computers with HarmonyOS. The company reports this during a sales event in China. The own operating system will be used next year in speakers, wearables and vr headsets.

A Huawei spokesperson confirms to Reuters news agency that no phones and tablets with HarmonyOS will appear next year. Huawei will initially focus on wearables, speakers and vr glasses. The first of these products with HarmonyOS should be released next year. The company also comes with an Honor Vision television that uses HarmonyOS. This television must also end up in Europe.

Huawei announced HarmonyOS in August . The operating system was seen as a possible alternative to Android because of the trade restrictions with Google and other American companies. It becomes an open source operating system and, unlike Android and many other operating systems, is not based on the Linux kernel. The OS uses its own micronernel instead.

During the announcement of Harmony OS, Huawei CEO Richard Yu stated that the operating system could possibly be used on smartphones, but according to Huawei, the preference of Huawei is with Android.

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