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Huawei: providers are not coming with nationwide 5G networks

Providers are not going to build nationwide 5G networks for the time being. That claims the director of Huawei, supplier of network equipment. In the Netherlands, for example, Huawei manages the T-Mobile network.

Providers would have little interest in nationwide 5G networks, because 4G networks are currently robust and can meet the demand of users for the time being, says Huawei CEO Eric Xu at the Huawei Analyst Summit in Chinese Shenzhen according to MobileWorldLive . This is different in urban areas, where the demand for bandwidth is higher and providers want to use more than 5g.
Moreover, according to Xu, consumers will not notice much of the switch to 5g. It is faster mobile internet, but there is no essential difference with how 4g now works. “We do have expectations of 5g, but they are not as big as many people think.” Xu repeated that Huawei continues to invest in technology. The network provider wants to launch the first mobile WiFi hotspots with 5g support next spring, followed by the first Huawei smartphone with 5g in the second half of the year.
Providers are experimenting on a large scale with 5g and in the first countries 5g subscriptions will be available from this year . KPN has planned several tests in the Netherlands for this year with 5g and a Belgian campus has a 5g test network . Huawei is the global market leader in the field of mobile network equipment.


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