Huawei presents second smart speaker in China

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Huawei has presented a new wireless smart speaker at the Mate 20 event in China. The speaker has its own Xiaoyi assistant and the design is very similar to that of the Apple HomePod. Earlier, the manufacturer already revealed the AI Cube.

The Huawei AI Speaker, which according to Engadget is about the correct translation of the Chinese name, just like the Apple HomePod has a cylinder shape and some buttons on the top, with which users can, among other things, adjust the volume or switch off the sound.

In contrast to the previously unveiled AI Cube, this new speaker does not have Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. Instead, their own voice assistant, Xiaoyi, is present on the AI Speaker Huaweis. It is not clear whether English voice support is also available; Huawei did not provide any information when the product is released in China and whether a worldwide release is also included in the plans.

Huawei has partly used the services of the Danish audio company Dynaudio in the design of the acoustic systems. Furthermore, the speaker Huaweis so-called Histen algorithm, which in fact stands for the combination of proprietary software and a music equalizer, which can also be found on smartphones from the manufacturer.

The speaker has a capacity of 10W, has six microphones and must be able to distinguish different voices from each other. The device comes in two colors on the market and costs 399 yuan in China, which amounts to about 50 euros.

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