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Huawei is going to fire hundreds of people in the US after trade restrictions

Huawei is planning to cut hundreds of jobs in the United States. The redundancies would fall at subsidiary Futurewei, which does research and development for Huawei. The redundancies are said to have to do with the restrictions imposed on Huawei.

The Chinese manufacturer did not release the news itself, but sources report to the usually well-informed The Wall Street Journal that there may be hundreds of jobs at risk. The redundancies would fall in particular in the US states of Texas, California and Washington.

Huawei is expected to cut jobs at Futurewei Technologies, a subsidiary company that is mainly involved in development and research. In total, around 850 people work at the subsidiary in the United States. Some of those employees would already have been informed that they will be fired, while some of them will also be offered the opportunity to return to China.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Huawei is going to dismiss employees because in the United States it still suffers from the trade restrictions imposed by President Trump. These have been partially suspended, but Huawei would still be affected by its activities.

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