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Huawei CEO: Mate 30 Pro boot loader is unlockable

Huawei delivers the Mate 30 Pro with an unlockable bootloader. That means that installing a custom recovery and subsequent Google services will be relatively easy. Huawei CEO Richard Yu states that the company “gives consumers more freedom.”

Yu makes the statement to the Android Authority. Unfortunately, he does not actually go into detail about how the boot loader can be unlocked: “In the past we curtailed this because they wanted to guarantee more safety for our customers, but this time we want to give them more freedom to adjust the device to their own taste, so we intend to allow that “.

Huawei is no longer allowed to provide Google services on its smartphones because the United States has imposed an embargo on such matters in the context of the trade war with China. The use of Android itself is still free since that is open-source software.

Unlocking the bootloader of an Android phone opens the doors to installing a custom recovery, such as the popular TWRP. In the recovery environment, users can install an OS supplement such as the missing Google services. Then it will be as if the entire trade conflict between the two countries is not even taking place. In a custom recovery, it is also possible to replace the entire ox with a custom ROM.

Unlocking a bootloader is easier with one smartphone than with another. As Yu says, it does not improve the safety of a device, but it does make far-reaching adjustments possible, something that Android uses to score points among technically skilled users.

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