HP releases gaming laptop with 240Hz screen in July and presents 65″ monitor

HP will announce a gaming laptop at CES at CES that will be equipped with a 15.6″ screen with a refresh rate of 240Hz and a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. The manufacturer will also present the Omen X Emperium 65, a so-called Big Format Gaming Display.

The HP Omen 15 with 240Hz screen will be released in July. The manufacturer does not disclose which panel type is used. HP does mention a response time of 4ms. In February there will be variants of the laptop with a full HD 144Hz panel or a 4k panel with a refresh rate of 60Hz.

HP packs a Core i7-8750H processor into the laptop and pairs it with “next-generation” Nvidia Max-Q GPUs. It concerns the RTX video cards for laptops that Nvidia will announce on Monday. The laptops will also receive support for Wi-Fi 6, which is the new name that Wi-Fi gives to the IEEE 802.11ax standard.

According to HP, the Omen 15 laptop is easy to expand. At the bottom is a panel that can be detached and gives access to the hard disk, SSD and memory. In the US, the HP Omen 15 with 240Hz screen will be priced starting at $1629 in July. The version with a 144Hz panel, which will be released in February, will start at $1,369.

At CES, HP will also show its HP Omen X Emperium 65, a 65″ monitor with a built-in soundbar. It is a so-called Big Format Gaming Display, a standard that Nvidia has set up for large 4k monitors. The Emperium has a refresh rate of 144Hz , local dimming with 384 zones and G-Sync HDR support. The monitor complies with the Vesa DisplayHDR 1000 standard and has a response time of 4ms. It also has an Nvidia Shield built in. The screen is on sale in the US from February for 4999 dollars.

HP also comes with a new gaming PC in its Omen series. The Obelisk is a large enclosure with a window on the side. The Obelisk can be configured with CPUs up to the Core i9-9900K and GPUs up to the RTX 2080 Ti. HP has not yet announced anything about the prices and availability in the Benelux of the new products.