HP PCs with Radeon 5300XT and B550 chipset appear online

HP has posted details online of desktop PCs containing a Radeon RX 5300XT video card with 4GB gddr5. AMD hasn’t announced that card yet. The HP PCs also have motherboards with the B550 chipset, which are also not out yet.

The German HP website has a spec sheet of a Pavilion Desktop with a Radeon 5300XT and another HP desktop PC also has the same video card. Both PCs have a motherboard with B550A chipset and are equipped with a Ryzen processor. The B550 chipset has been expected for a long time as a successor to the B450 chipset, but B550 motherboards have not yet been officially announced.

The German ComputerBase discovered the spec sheets and also notes that a web shop already has one of the HP PCs in a price list for 699 euros. That is a model with Radeon 5300XT video card and Ryzen 5 3400G processor. According to the web store, the PC will be available mid-October.

Both the naming, amount of memory and that price make it clear that the Radeon RX 5300XT is a video card that is positioned below the current RX 5700 and 5700XT. Those cards both have 8GB gddr6 and cost at least 360 euros separately. It is not yet known what the exact specifications of the RX 5300XT are.

It is likely that the RX 5300XT will have a smaller GPU. The current RX 5700 cards are based on Navi 10, but there have been rumors for some time about the arrival of the smaller variants, namely Navi 12 and 14. According to ComputerBase, the new video card may be presented before October 15.