HP introduces workstation laptops ZBook Fury G7 and ZBook Power G7

HP introduces new business laptops in its ZBook series. The ZBook Fury G7 is the most powerful model and available in a 15.6 “and 17.3” variant. The ZBook Power G7 is a thinner and lighter 15.6 “model. HP also comes with new Z2 desktops.

HP claims the ZBook Fury G7 laptops are no throttling experience. A maximum of a Quadro RTX 5000 video card with 16GB gddr6 can be used. You can also choose Radeon Pro and RX video cards. HP offers a choice of Comet Lake-H and Xeon processors with up to eight cores.

The laptops have four slots for sodimms and can be provided with a maximum of 128GB ddr4-2667 or 64GB ddr4-2667 ecc memory. Up to three nmve SSDs can be placed and the workstation laptops are easy to open for expanding or replacing storage and memory.

The 17.3 “version of the ZBook Fury G7 weighs from 2.97kg and is 2.69cm thick. The new model is 29 percent smaller than its predecessor, according to HP. The 15.6” version of the ZBook Fury G7 weighs 2.42kg and is 2.59cm thick. That model is 12 percent smaller than the previous model. Both laptops have a 94Wh battery.

Both the 15.6 “and the 17.3” version can be supplied with a 4k screen or an FHD panel. The maximum brightness is 600cd / m² for the small model and 550cd / m² for the large model.

HP ZBook Power G7

HP also comes with a new variant of its ZBook Power. The G7 version is 2.86cm thick and weighs at least 1.92kg. According to HP, the new model is 19 percent smaller than its predecessor. HP equips the workstation laptop with Comet Lake-H processors or Xeon variants with up to eight cores and up to 64GB ddr4-3200. The 15.6 “laptop can be supplied with a 4k or fhd panel, with a brightness of up to 400cd / m². Storage is available in the form of two NVME SSDs and HP gives the laptop an 83Wh battery.

HP Z2 Workstations

HP is also introducing new workstations in its Z2 series, in a variety of sizes. Regular desktop models appear, smallform factorvariants and a mini version. The workstations get Intel Comet Lake or Xeon processors with up to ten cores, Nvidia Quadro video cards and are suitable for use with Windows or Linux. The compact Z2 Mini G5 can be mounted behind a monitor or placed in a rack. Up to a Quadro RTX 3000 video card goes in the tiny Z2 Mini G5, which configuration will be released next year.

HP Z2 Workstations