Today, we are going to show you, how you can unlock Windows 10 PC using fingerprint remotely. You can do this with the help of  and Android app, named “Remote Fingerprint Unlock” and  “Windows Fingerprint Module” software.

To Unlock Windows 10 PC Remotely Using Fingerprint, make sure you have connected your PC and Android phone with the same WiFi network. Or else, you can use the Mobile Hotspot feature of Windows 10 and then connect Android phone with it. This method won’t work if the PC and Android phone are on different networks.

Click HERE to install the “Remote Fingerprint Unlock” Android app and download Windows Fingerprint Module on your Windows 10 PC and install it. 64-bit and 32-bit versions are available for this software.

Go to the Scan menu (make sure your computer is on the logon screen) and either pull to refresh (uses Wi-Fi) or press the add button and use the preferred unlocking method. Choose your machine and press Save.
Now go to the Accounts tab, press the computer’s 3-dot menu button, then Add Account. Type the password you want to access in Windows. Use the name shown in the same way as on the lockscreen (case sensitive, including the domain name when using a domain account) along with the username. Check the fingerprint and press Connect.
For PRO users: click the 3-dot menu button and select Set As Default to pick one of the added accounts as default.
To set up a computer, tap that computer’s 3-dot menu button.
To enable Wake on Lan for PRO users, go to the configuration menu of the computer and enable Send WoL Packet. Make sure you have the correct MAC address! You’re all set right now! Go to the menu Unlock and check your fingerprint. Your computer should now be unlocked.