Twiger is a phone application that can be easily downloaded and installed from the Play Store and can turn the Twitter post into a visibly aesthetic Instagram post in seconds.

To do this, you must first visit your Google Playstore or iPhone App Store and search for Twiger. There you can download and open it on your device. This application is available for iPad, iPhone, iPod and Android devices.

After downloading you will be redirected to the screen where needed paste the URL of the chosen tweet into your Twitter account. To do this, go to twitter and copy the link of the tweet to the clipboard by clicking the share option on the chosen tweet. Then paste this link into the Twiger app. Now you can easily create the Instagram post that can be easily shared in your Instagram stories.

Here you can see how the Twitter post is easy to read and visually appealing. Before posting, you can also edit the background of the message in the Twiger app. CLICK HERE to download this application.