How to Send Anonymous Messages in Telegram Groups

Anonymous Message is a group-specific Telegram feature that allows you to send anonymous messages to Telegram groups. This way, no one can know your real name or identity. Here is the method of sending anonymous messages to the Telegram group in Android. Please remember this feature is only available to group owners. Only administrators can set the ability to send anonymous messages to Telegram groups. Once enabled for a user, every message is sent anonymously. If you no longer wish to remain anonymous, you must ask the group administrator to revoke the consent of the group settings.
Step 1. Update your Telegram app from Google Play Store.
Step 2. Open the group for which you want to enable the anonymous messaging feature.
Step 3. Open the group settings by tapping the group name.
Step 4. To allow a member to send an anonymous message, you must grant the contact administrator rights. If the user already has administrator rights, long-press the contact and select ‘Edit administrator rights’
Step 5. Scroll down and enable the option ‘Stay anonymous’ and then tap the checkmark is located in the top right corner.
Step 6. When done, every time the contact sends a message to the group, Telegram will display the group name instead of the real name.