How to Choose Water Heater for Bathroom?

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When it comes to water heaters, there are ones that we have all been accustomed to – the conventional water heater and the solar powered kind.

Either style of water heater is totally viable to purchase, however, there are more kinds out there that are not very common, in the market, and even are not very commonly bought. That said, water heaters, no matter what kind, are all effective and efficient appliances that can bring you a whole lot of convenience.

As winter approaches, the need for a good water heater increases. If you live in the hills, or the colder regions of the country, the need for one might stay with you the entire year, however, for city folks, the actual requirement for a water heater is only during these crucial months. Cold showers might be refreshing, but hot showers can be a life saver during those cold winter months.

For that, a water heater comes in handy. Also known as geysers, they are incredibly convenient and save you a lot of time as well. Essentially, quick and swift hot water whenever you need. Much like refrigerators and air conditioners, water heaters are super durable appliances and can last you years on end if you simply make the right decisions while buying, and maintain the water heater while in use.

Depending on your use and requirements, you can invest in a water heater that best suits these needs. For example, if you are a family of four people, you should invest in a bigger capacity water heater. Something that can provide you with running hot water for the entire family. Secondly, if you want a single water heater to pump hot water to your entire household, you could look into on-demand, or thankless water heaters.

Let us see what options we have and how to choose the best water heater for bathroom.

How to choose a water heater for the bathroom?

The first thing to look for is the type of water heater. Commonly, there are three kinds of water heaters. Let us see what each of them provide you with and their uses.

  1. Conventional water heaters – Conventional water heaters are the most common type found. They can be found in homes, hotels, and more or less everywhere that needs a water heater. Conventional water heaters come with a tank, or storage unit to store water in. The inside of the water heater comes with an element, or two, that heats up; heating the water stored in the process. If you have a family living with you, you might have to invest in an appliance with a capacity that can provide for your family. Or you would simply have to keep the geyser on until everyone is done with their need of hot water.
  2. On-demand water heaters – On-demand water heaters are special. With only a push of a button, you can get hot water instantly. It takes almost no time at all and can keep giving you hot water until you want it to stop. The best part is on-demand water heaters come in all sizes. You can get a smaller one for your kitchen, or a slightly larger one for your bathroom, or you can simply connect an on-demand water heater straight to your main water supply and have hot water whenever you want, whichever room you are in. Perfect if you are building your own house and are in need of a despotic water heater in charge of your entire household.
  3. Solar powered water heaters – Solar powered water heaters are the best if your region receives a lot of sunlight, and also if you require a lot of hot water throughout the day. Solar powered water heaters are usually installed on the top of a roof where the appliance receives ample sunlight which it uses to heat the water. The water has to be stored first and solar water heaters come with a huge storage tank for water. If eco-friendly is what is suited to you, a solar powered water heater might prove really useful.

That was all about the types of water heaters available in the market. You can try out this best 6 people hot tub for your bathroom. There are more kinds too, like the gas powered water heater. However, the niche kind is really difficult to find in the market and you might have to check in with an expert.

After you have figured out what kind of water heater you want to purchase, you can then go around looking for what exactly you want in your water heater. So, before buying, make sure you consider its size or capacity, the brand, and the price.

The capacity of your water heater would depend on how much use your water heater would see. So, if you are a family of 4, a water heater less than 25L would not work for you. However, if you are just one person who would use the water heater, a smaller 10L-15L would also work. A 10L water heater also works perfectly in the kitchen as well.


When it comes to brand and price, buying a branded product will cost you more, but the product will last you incredibly long. Brands like Crompton, Havells, and Bajaj have some of the best water heaters out there and can last you years on end. They only require a bit of maintenance and looking after to make them last. The element inside might need changing as it is worked, but besides that, there is literally a negligible amount of maintenance.

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