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How do you best learn the language of love?

Translation apps are constantly being improved. With machine learning, automatic translations are always more reliable. The more input, the more accurate the translation becomes. Google Translate for example, asks users for feedback on the translations.

If you want to make yourself understood in another language, you can do two things. Or actually three. Difficult with a dictionary, in an app search for the translation or try to get as far as possible with gestures. What is the best way?

The language of love

A study by NHA home studies among 1089 people who have attended a language course shows that many language courses were followed in the summer. The reason for this? Love.

38 percent of the participants indicated that they wanted to learn the language of their (holiday) love. Love was found on vacation, online, or a foreigner in the Netherlands. People often use translate apps to communicate with their loved ones. However, half of them did not seem to trust these apps completely.

Great tits?

The inaccuracy of translation apps can lead to funny situations. But beware, because quarrels caused by miscommunication can also arise. A wrong word and your holiday love put you on the plane back home, or vice versa. Do not tell your foreign friend that she has beautiful great tits in English. Just look at Google Translate what happens next.

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