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'House of Cards' season 6 from November 2 on Netflix (video)

The sixth and last season of the very popular series House of Cards will be on Netflix from November 2, the video streaming service announced today.

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Leading actress Robin Wright returns as Claire Underwood, this time the new president of the United States. In a tweet before the announcement of the new season Claire can be seen with a hand whose blood drips off, of course referring to events in the previous season. In addition, the hashtag #MyTurn has been placed, which not only refers to her last words in season five, but also to the fact that she will now turn to the viewer instead of her husband Frank, played by Kevin Spacey.

The latter is no longer in the new season. The actor has been removed from the series for accusations of sexual harassment and misconduct.

Below is a teaser that appeared earlier this year:

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