Honeywell lets you set temperature per room via mobile app

Under the name Evohome, Honeywell has launched a thermostat in which the heating can be controlled at room level via a zone control system and separate radiator controllers. Evohome can be controlled via a touchscreen or a mobile app.

According to Honeywell, the Evohome system can be installed ‘without hacking or breaking’ by a heating installer. After installation, the central thermostat unit with touchscreen communicates wirelessly with the various radiator regulators placed in rooms and a unit for the central heating boiler. For this purpose, communication is carried out over the 868MHz band via a proprietary protocol. There is also an internet gateway to remotely control the Evohome system via the internet.

The Evohome radiator regulators, which replace normal radiator controls, can be placed in up to twelve rooms. By heating per room, there are significant savings to be made on energy bills, according to Honeywell. Control is via the touchscreen on the control panel or via a mobile iOS or Android app.

Honeywell claims that Evohome can be used with all existing central heating systems, including OpenTherm equipment, and can also be used in combination with heat pumps or district heating. Unlike, for example, a Nest thermostat, the Evohome is not ‘self-learning’ and each settings must be made by the user himself. There are, however, a number of presets, such as ‘saving eco’, ‘absent’ and ‘day off’. Furthermore, little is known about the security of the Evohome system and the precise privacy conditions.

The Evotouch system will be available from this month. The so-called Single Zone Connected starter package has a suggested retail price of 299 euros, while each radiator controller costs 99 euros.