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Home garden and kitchen remedies to arm yourself

At the end of this summer we can expect more wasps than in recent years. And more wasps also means a greater chance of stinging because they become grumpy because of food shortages.

Do you also get the jitters when those animals are already in the neighborhood? Then read these tips from Digibach about how you can arm and treat stitches. Because a prepared person …

Preventing being stung

The best tip is not to panic with your arms to walk when a wasp comes close. It is easier said than done of course: most people know it actually . To really do it … That’s why you better avoid coming too close to you!

Grandma’s kitchen utensil: burn some coffee powder in a small saucer. Does not smell delicious, but those wasps also think that way.

Clove oil on your clothes also keeps wasps at a distance. You can also put some cloves in half an orange. Copper objects in your environment also work: wasps can not stand the smell of copper!

One last few things where wasps can not stand:

  • Brilliance (for example, hang a mobile with sparkling stones)
  • Ammonia (a bowl with water and ammonia does wonders)
  • Incense (should you of course be served of it yourself)

Of course it is not so easy to stand still when there is such a black-yellow killing machine buzzing around you. So pick it up a bit earlier, and reduce the chance that wasps come near you:

  • Wasps are fond of sweet, so do not use too many sweet perfumes or deodorants.
  • As said before: wasps become the food shortage after a while. Make the place where you’re sitting so not too attractive by exposing all kinds of sweetness uncovered. Also protein-rich food attracts wasps!
  • No fierce clothing : that looks too much like flowers and thus attracts wasps.

And if you were stung anyway: a few natural remedies

Step 1: check whether the stinger is still in it and remove it if necessary.

Step 2: suck the poison out of the wound. Put your mouth around the spot of the stitch, suck powerfully, and then spit out the poison. Do this a few times to remove as much poison as possible.

Step 3: To reduce swelling and pain, you can use lavender or basil. Bruised plantain leaves attract toxins from the wound. Lavender cures and helps against inflammation.

Application: Rub the fresh herb between the fingers fine and mix it with a little aloe vera gel (just dissolve in a little water can also, if you do not have this ready). Use the aloe vera gel that is in the leaf. Lubricate the mixture on the spot of the bite or stitch.

Let those wasps come, you’re ready!

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