Home, garden and kitchen gadgets for a smarter home

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We all know it. You walk through IKEA, Tuinland or another large residential and garden store. Originally you came for a washing-up brush or a hedge trimmer, and then returned home with a bag full of things. That is because many stores have so many nice gadgets for the home, garden and kitchen.

These gadgets, however, are not always messy. In fact, a number of gadgets come in handy in and around the house! This article will help you buy gadgets the next time you really have something to offer. Because a smarter home does not always have to revolve around technological delights. Sometimes it can be so simple …

Gadgets for the home

The right gadgets can make your life in the house a lot nicer and sometimes even simpler. The gadgets below will bring you one step closer to your ideal home!

Google Home mini
Google has been prominent in the technology sector for many years. Every year there are some gadgets from Google’s hand. Get ready for the Google Home Mini a product that is expected to be on the shelves in 2018 (outside Europe they are already available) Tell this device what you want (music setup, Netflix on, the light on and off) and keep yourself on the couch while the device does the rest ..

Mini vacuum cleaner Henry
Nothing as frustrating as a scoop of sugar that ends up just next to the mug. Or a crumbling biscuit that makes your spotless table dirty again. It is a lot of hassle to directly grab the vacuum cleaner, except if you buy a small
version ! This cute hand vacuum cleaner from the brand Henry is a super handy device with which you can remove your crumbs in an instant.

Also, hate mopping? With these mopping slippers, everything you walk is spontaneously clean. Inside your feet stay nice and warm and dry, from the outside there is a texture that is the same as a mop. So instead of scrubbing extensively, you only have to walk up and down a number of times. Ideal for when you are secretly a bit lazy …

Gadgets for the garden

This article is about home, garden and kitchen gadgets. So it’s time to share with you all that can be bought for nice garden gadgets.

Flower power
Are not you such a star in taking care of your plants? Do you always forget how much water you have to
give, and whether it should be done once or twice a week? With the new gadget ” Flower Power ” you get an extra helping hand in your home. You put this smart, technological equipment into the earth. Then measure how it is with the nutrition of your plant or flower. This way you can be sure that your plants will live longer! Can you nicely grow your own ingredients (some of them can be very resistant if even with Flower Power it does not work immediately). How you handle it conveniently, that’s how we get it!

Folding garden furniture
Garden furniture is very nice and useful, but it is a crime to store it in the winter. They are also always ‘
in sight’, so that you can enjoy less of the plants and flowers in your garden. That is why a folding garden set is ideal. As soon as the sun begins to shine, you fold everything and put it down. To then store it again with the same ease. Several models are available, including those from Wehkamp .

Another option is to store your garden furniture in the app: a kind of Dropbox solution for the items that you do not need for a long time.

Meat thermometer
It is the nightmare of every barbecue: ending up in bed for a few days with food poisoning. How is that possible, the meat was there long enough? The chicken was not pink inside? With a barbecue
thermometer, you put an end to this uncertainty. The device measures the temperature in your meat. Because even though the meat looks so cooked on the outside (sometimes even burned!), It does not mean that the heat is evenly distributed.

Gadgets for the kitchen

You have to eat and drink three times a day and also cook for the whole family with a bit of bad luck (or luck!). That is why a nice gadget for the kitchen is not a luxury!

Handy garlic roller
Fresh garlic gives a lot of flavor to dishes and is also healthy. However, every time it is a fiddle to squeeze the garlic in such a way that not half of it remains in the holes of the garlic press. To then endlessly peel to clean the press again. That is
past with the garlic cutter: the stainless steel blades cut the garlic into small pieces, leaving no juices and pieces behind.

Intelligent cup
The holidays, too many birthdays in a row, or just chronic: we want to lose weight. For this, you have to eat the right amount. We often eat too fast, which means we sometimes eat twice as much as it is good for us. The clever fork of Hapi helps us to prevent that. Thanks to smart technology, you learn to eat more slowly and enjoy your food. As a result, you probably eat less and enjoy it more!

Baking mini pizzas
This gadget for the kitchen is ideal for anyone who loves gourmet or grilling. Instead of baking potatoes and meat, this cooking experience revolves around pizza! In an adorable round oven, no less than four drawers are reserved for your favorite pizza. Only then a mini version. That is not bad at all, because that way you can dine extra long and serve lots of different flavors of pizza.

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