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Hasselblad releases the X1D II 50C system camera with 50MP sensor for 6050 euros

Hasselblad announces the X1D II 50C system camera as the successor to the X1D-50C, which was released three years ago. The new medium format camera still has a 50-megapixel sensor, but gets an improved electronic viewfinder.

Hasselblad does not say whether anything has improved in the sensor area compared to the first generation. The X1D-50C , released three years ago, had a sensor with a dynamic range of up to fourteen stops and that also applies to the current successor. The sensor format of 44x33mm is also unchanged. Photography goes at 2.7 frames per second, while the predecessor was still stuck at 2.3 fps in this area.

The manufacturer speaks of a better electronic viewfinder with an OLED screen applied and a higher resolution of 3.69 million pixels and a magnification of 0.87x. The predecessor had an LCD as a viewfinder with a resolution of 2.36 million pixels. The refresh rate of the EFF would also have been increased to 60 images per second. The manufacturer also reports that the start-up time has been reduced by 46 percent; the shutter speed slowdown and blackouts between shots are also shorter than the X1D-50C. With regard to the housing, the design and the button configuration, little to nothing seems to have changed.

Things like a touchscreen on the back, two slots for SD cards, a USB-C output and support for WiFi were already present with the predecessor of the new X1D II 50C. A difference is that now SD cards of the UHS-II standard are supported. Furthermore, the resolution of the touchscreen has been increased from 1024×768 to 1280×960 pixels. A GPS module is now also built into the new camera so that it is no longer necessary to purchase it separately.

Hasselblad has also announced a new XCD lens. It is a 35-75mm zoom lens with a variable aperture from f / 3.5 to 4.5. This lens has an internal focus and has a minimum focusing distance of 42 cm.

The new camera gets a suggested retail price of 5,000 euros without VAT, which amounts to 6050 euros with VAT. That is a lot lower than the suggested retail price of the predecessor, which was set at 9559 euros in June 2016. The 35-75 mm lens receives a suggested retail price of 4500 euros without VAT or 5445 euros with VAT. Hasselblad will soon announce more about availability in the Benelux.

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