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Hangman, a macabre version of the game hangman, May 10 in the bios

On 10 May, Just Film Distribution brings the blood-curdling crime film Hangman to the Dutch cinemas. The film contains a star cast with Al Pacino ( The Godfather ) in the lead role as Detective Ray Archer who, together with profiler Will Ruiney (Karl Urban, Star Trek, Thor ) hunts for one of the most violent serial killers of the city.

This killer plays a macabre version of the game of hangman, leaving in a chilling manner indications of the bodies of his victims. Can the detectives win this deadly game from the Hangman?


In Hangman we see Detective Archer who has been working for the murder cases for 36 years and who is linked to the young profiler Ruiney to join together one of the most violent serial killers of the city. tracks. The police officers quickly find themselves in a nerve-racking race against the clock, when a serial killer hangs up a victim every 24 hours and leaves a clue on the body of the game in the most creepy version of the game hangman. They are closely followed by journalist Christi Davies (Brittany Snow, Pitch Perfect, Hairspray ), who, with her critical questions and sharp eyes, occasionally brings the duo on the right track in a surprising way.

Can Archer and Ruiney track down the perpetrator by unraveling his ailing play? And can Archer put aside his personal feelings when he notices that these killings have a lot of connection with an unresolved matter from the past?


Hangman will be released on 10 May in Dutch cinemas by Just Film Distribution.

Hangman is directed by Johnny Martin, who entered the film industry at the age of 18. Martin has risen from stuntman to director and producer. He directed and produced, among others, Vengenace: A love Story, starring Nicholas Cage. The scenario of Hangman is written by Michael Caissie and Charles Huttinger.

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