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Handy for home: a voice controlled cooking assistant

The well-known chef Sharon de Miranda will soon be brought to life in your kitchen as a voice assistant. It is the first Dutch voice-controlled cooking assistant, and this pioneers KRO-NCRV with a new form of storytelling.


In a chatbot conversation you speak with the voice of chef Sharon and you can cook at your own pace with the recipes of the TV program BinnensteBuiten. Sharon tells you step-by-step what to do. You indicate with your own voice when you want to go to a next step, or where you need some extra explanation. So you have your eyes and hands-free to fully focus on cooking.

Media director Jochem de Jong indicates that KRO-NCRV is always looking for new ways to tell stories. And conversational interfaces are of course the future. “ We have already created several chatbots in Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp as in our drama series Flight HS13 Eva Jinek and Iris de Game in the week bullying With this voice assistant from BinnensteBuiten we are using the voice recognition technology for the first time, using the voice of Google but the voice of our own chef Sharon. the technical interaction human and the conversation even more personal.

The future expectation is that users will start using less screen and more voice/voices.

How does it work?

The free cooking assistant can be called up within the Google Assistant app on your smartphone as soon as the Dutch version of the app is launched. Google Assistant you download on both Apple and Android smartphones and there you ask the Google voice “talk to Chef-Kok Binnenst e Outside”.¬†Then you hear Sharon from your speakers and you can start cooking! If the intelligent speaker from Google, the Google Home comes on the Dutch market, the app can also be used via this device.

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