Halo Infinite PC patch seems to make playing impossible with less than 4GB vram

It seems that Halo Infinite can no longer be started by PC players who use a video card with 3GB or less vram. There were issues with that before, but then there were still some ways to get around the problem.

Among other DSO Gaming reports that one newly released patch is the cause, even though the patch notes say nothing about the inability to launch the game with a video card with less than 4GB of vram.

Officially, Halo Infinite has had the system requirement of a video card with at least 4GB of vram since the beginning, but it used to be possible to work around that to a certain extent. For example, by clicking away an associated error message or adjusting certain settings. Now that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.

This mainly affects players who have a specific version of the Nvidia GTX 1060. This card is more powerful than the minimum GPUs shown: the AMD RX 470 and the Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti. Of the GTX 1060, however, in addition to the more regular 6GB version and the 5GB version, a version with 3GB vram is also available. Owners of the latter variant can now no longer start the game.