Hackers steal 780GB of data from EA, including FIFA 21 and Frostbite source code

Hackers say they have stolen 780GB of data from publisher Electronic Arts, including the source code of FIFA 21 and the Frostbite engine. EA has confirmed the data theft. The hackers try to sell the data through forums.

Motherboard has seen screenshots of the offers on the forums. The hackers say they have the source code of FIFA 21 and code for the matchmaking server. They also sell source code and tools from the Frostbite engine. EA uses that engine for many of its games, including Battlefield. Proprietary SDKs and frameworks from EA were also captured.

The hackers want to sell the files and do so on various forums. In some cases, these are private forums, Motherboard writes. Publisher EA has confirmed to the site that a digital break-in has taken place and also says that the data the hackers mention was indeed stolen.

“A limited amount of game and tool source code has been stolen,” EA told Motherboard. According to the publisher, no player data was stolen. The company also says it has increased its security and has called in the authorities. Technical details about the hack were not disclosed.