Hackers get Linux running on Nintendo Switch

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Hackers from fail0verflow have gotten Linux working on the Nintendo Switch. According to them, the exploit works via a bootrom bug, which the Japanese company cannot fix with new firmware. The move may open the way to homebrew software on the console.

The group fail0verflow shows in a image that the Switch console is running Debian Linux. She also mentions that the coldboot exploit uses a bootrom bug. That would mean that the exploit works on all firmware versions and the bug can probably only be fixed if Nintendo starts installing modified Tegra X1 socs in the Switch.

Fail0verflow does not provide more details about the hack and it remains to be seen whether the group will make the exploit public. If the bug cannot be solved with software, there is a chance that the Switch will have to deal with homebrew software and piracy, Nintendo Life writes.

As with all consoles, hackers also try to run their own software on the Switch via bugs. Last year, hobbyists already managed to obtain elevated rights on the console, but only with older firmware. Switchbrew members showed their progress in accessing the Switch in December.

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