Hacker runs Linux on unmodded Xbox thanks to bug in game

A hacker is able to install Linux on an Xbox to spin without the modchip needed so far. A bug in the save operation in the game 007 Agent Under Fire made it possible to boot a small Linux distro on the system. “It is only proof that it is possible”, says the hacker, things like the control of the image are not yet in order. Last year, Lindows CEO Michael Robertson offered a $100,000 prize to those who managed to run Linux on Xbox without a modchip. The exact details of the method used are not yet known and are under intense discussion. There are doubts about the use of non-secure code, Microsoft has built the system in such a way that only secure software can run on it:

We have looked at this exploit and have drawn a few conclusions. We are fairly sure he is NOT running unsigned code. Looking at the patch file he applies to the linux xbe, we are concluding he is changing the hash and signature portions of the xbe. We changed a byte in that signature and this exploit no longer worked. Thus we can conclude he is not running code independent of the signature. We believe the save game exploit somehow allows him to change the signature scheme, not sure how quite yet, but then executes code that he has been able to self sign based on his exploit of the signature. mostly likely, he modified the public key and left the signature system alone.