Gurman: Apple is working on hardware subscription for iPhones and other devices

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Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman claims Apple is working on a hardware subscription that will sell iPhones and other hardware for a monthly fee. The company will introduce the subscription next year, according to Gurman.

The tech journalist spoke in their own words with sources who wish to remain anonymous. They stated that Apple is working behind the scenes on this hardware subscription formula. According to Gurman, if Apple introduces the subscription, it means a real change in the sales strategy of the American company. “Apple wants to make buying an iPhone as easy as buying additional iCloud storage or an Apple Music subscription. This approach can help the company generate more revenue, as it makes it a lot easier for customers to spend thousands of dollars. to spend on new Apple products,” it sounds.

According to Gurman, Apple customers will be able to use their existing accounts to sign up for the subscription. The journalist states that the company will charge a monthly fee that will be higher or lower, depending on the device chosen. It is not clear whether Apple wants to introduce the subscription formula worldwide.

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