Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons expansion coming February 2022

The third Guild Wars 2 expansion will be released in February 2022. Previously, developer ArenaNet already postponed the End of Dragons expansion from late 2021 to early next year. The expansion is set on the island of Cantha and includes a multiplayer mount.

The story of the expansion revolves around the ‘dragon cycle’ that has been known to the game world for centuries and is now on the verge of collapse. Dragons are therefore likely to play a major role in the expansion. End of Dragons also features nine Elite Specializations, new boats that allow players to move around the game world and fish, new weapons and a new mount.

That new mount is a Siege Turtle and is the game’s first multiplayer mount. One player controls the turtle, while the other player can fire the weapons mounted on the turtle’s shell.

End of Dragons is available to pre-order now for $30. There’s a Deluxe and Ultimate version for $55 and $80 respectively, with extras like new skins, gear, and extra character slots. Guild Wars 2 came out in 2012; the last expansion Path of Fire appeared in 2017.