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GTA: Online gets new heist with The Diamond Casino

Rockstar will add a new heist to the online version of Grand Theft Auto V. This heist revolves around the Diamond Casino & Resort, a location that was added to the game in a previous update. The release is on December 12.

Rockstar has more details about the new heist on its website. According to the publisher, the so-called Diamond Casino Heist is the most complex and extensive to date. Players must work with the Cheng family with the intention of breaking into the Diamond Casino & Resort. In addition, there are different scenarios that can be played, which makes the whole playable according to Rockstar.

On December 12 the software update will be released that will bring the new heist. There will also be an area where players can practice with their setup to make the heist run successfully.

Heists are playable in the multiplayer version of Grand Theft Auto V, or GTA: Online. Players can perform the heists together, and therefore require a character of at least rank 12 and a high-end apartment. Four players are needed for the Diamond Casino Heist.

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