Government websites Taiwan target of foreign DDO attacks

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Several government agency websites in Taiwan have been targeted by DDOs on Tuesday. Some websites, including those of the Taiwanese president, were taken offline as a result.

The government of Taiwan reports on facebook that several government websites were the target of a DDO attack on Tuesday. According to the Taiwanese government, some websites received 200 times the normal traffic. The government writes that the attack comes from outside Taiwan.

The ddos ​​attack comes amid mounting tensions between China, Taiwan and the United States. US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will visit Taiwan on Tuesday in what China sees as a provocation. China has disapproved of a visit and the military has been put on alert, according to the Chinese Ministry of Defense.

China is therefore also being looked at for the DDOs attacks. According to Reuters think security researchers that it was probably not the Chinese government, but “hacktivists” from China who acted on their own initiative. The websites are now back online.