GoPro renews entire lineup in last attempt to come back

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GoPro has kept a good deal in its camera range and has distilled three new product names from it. GoPro is still in heavy weather, but with the new Hero7 line, the company is trying to upgrade old customers. If that does not work, it will be difficult for the camera maker. From now on the GoPro camera can be ordered in three flavors: white, silver and black. In that order they are also priced, with a starting point of 330 euros and then always in increments of 100 euros more expensive.

The old generations GoPro will no longer be for sale, so with these three you have to do it from now on. The white and silver options lose their LCD screen that showed you in which mode the camera is, which in that sense makes them less than the Hero5 and the Black version that they actually replace. All new cameras have a touchscreen interface at the back that is simplified to make the use easier.


The Hero7 Black is the flagship, but even there the difference between the new camera and the one that replaces it is not that big, at least in terms of resolution. The big new thing is the ‘hypersmooth’ stand that makes it possible to make almost unshielded shots without needing a gimbal. A similar mode was already in the previous series of cameras, but the effect is greatly improved and as you can see in the video it works damn well, even underwater. The only drawback is that the image is also distorted to realize the stabilization and that can not be removed afterwards.

Other minor improvements include the new microphone, enhanced photo mode and automatic video mode adjustment if the camera is held vertically so that users do not have to rotate the video afterwards. Below you can see the relevant stats of the different cameras so that you can see which ones might suit you.

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