Google’s Pixel Watch and Pixel 7 smartphones coming this fall

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Google officially announced its Pixel Watch at its I/O developer conference. This smartwatch will receive a Fitbit integration, among other things, and will arrive this fall. At the same time, the Pixel 7 series appears with a new generation of Tensor soc.

As expected, this Pixel Watch will have a round design with a rotating crown and a side button for control. According to Google the Pixel Watch is made of recycled stainless steel and the smartwatch will have interchangeable straps.

The new smartwatch continues to run on an improved version of Wear OS 3, which the company introduced last year in collaboration with Samsung. With this, the smartwatch will receive support for Google services such as Maps, Wallet and Home. This smartwatch OS also gets an SOS function, which allows users to contact emergency services or certain family members or friends in the event of an emergency.

The manufacturer also promises an integration with Fitbit, which was acquired by Google last year. The Pixel Watch thus offers “the health and fitness tools” of Fitbit products. The smartwatch can measure heart rate and get a function for sleep tracking. Users can also sync their health data to their Fitbit account. According to Google, that data will remain under the control of Fitbit.

Furthermore, Google shares few concrete details about its smartwatch, apart from the fact that the smartwatch will be released in the fall. It is not yet known what this will cost.

The Google Pixel Watch. Click for a gif.

Google Pixel 7 with new Tensor soc

Google is also showing glimpses of its upcoming Pixel 7 phones. The Pixel 7 series is similar in appearance to the previous Pixel 6 series, with a glass back and a ‘camera strip’. What’s new is that the back gets a single color this time, although the camera strip gets an accent color this time.

As before, the Pixel 7 will get two cameras on the back, while the Pro variant will get a third sensor. Google does not report what lenses the devices will receive. The current Pixel 6 has a primary camera and an ultra-wide-angle camera. The Pixel 6 Pro adds a camera with a telephoto lens.

Both Pixel 7 devices will also receive a second-generation Tensor soc from Google. According to the tech giant, this chip should improve certain features, such as speech recognition, photos and videos. The Pixel 7 series will be available this fall, along with the Pixel Watch. The devices come with Android 13 at release.

The Google Pixel 7 Series