Google will release new Chromecast Ultra with Android TV and remote this year

Google is reportedly coming this year with a new Chromecast Ultra dongle. At least that is what the website 9to5Google states based on a source. The main differences would be the addition of a remote and that the device would run on Android TV.

The current Chromecast Ultra

The website 9to5Google says it is relying on a “reliable source” that would be familiar with Google’s plans. This second generation Chromecast Ultra would still have the same form factor and support 4k and HDR content, in addition to Bluetooth and WiFi. Like the earlier Chromecast dongles, there will probably be no support for connecting external storage, for example. Kits for developers have already appeared before.

Because the device runs on Android TV, users will probably be presented with a menu and interface on their television and casting will also still be possible. In addition, multiple apps would be built in, such as YouTube TV, Netflix and Disney +. Users can also probably install other apps themselves.

Until now, there was no remote with previous Chromecast products, but that would change with this new product. This remote would be a kind of cross between the remote of the Daydream View and that of the Apple TV media player. The remote control for the new Chromecast reportedly has a microphone and a separate Google Assistant button and would also be suitable for controlling the television. An editor of the Protocol website reports that a Google remote has already been registered with the FCC.