Google to End Google Assistant’s Android Auto-Like Driving Mode

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Google will stop using the Google Assistant’s Driving mode next month. This dashboard showed, among other things, a navigation screen, media suggestions and audio controls while driving. The driving mode in Google Maps will still work.

google confirms to 9to5Google that the company will stop from November 21 the Driving mode of the Google Assistant. This mode provides users with an Android Auto-like dashboard on their smartphone. The feature displays a homescreen-like page with Maps navigation, a music player, volume controls, and buttons to make phone calls or send a message. Users can enable the feature with the voice command ‘Hey Google, let’s drive’ or a shortcut on the home screen.

The Assistant Driving mode came out last year. It functioned as a successor to the Android Auto app for phones, which Google discontinued in Android 12. At the time, Google said the company would transition users to the Google Assistant driving mode. With this feature being removed, a full Android Auto alternative is no longer available in Google’s mobile operating system.

Google also offers a Driving mode in Maps, which will remain available. This mode is accessible through the Google Maps app for Android. The Google Maps driving mode is simpler than the Assistant variant. It offers a screen with large icons for phone calls, messages, media controls and various apps. Google tells 9to5Google that most users already used this mode.

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