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"Google talks with TikTok competitor Firework about possible takeover"

According to sources from The Wall Street Journal, Google is interested in a takeover of the TikTok competitor Firework. According to the sources, there is no agreement yet, nor has it been determined how much would be paid.

The Wall Street Journal writes that Firework is currently estimated at around $ 100 million. The app was founded by former leaders of Snap, LinkedIn and JPMorgan Chase and is a competitor of the rapidly growing TikTok. According to the maker himself, that app has had one billion monthly active users since this year. How many users Firework has is not known, but the site speaks of ‘millions’.

Videos on Firework are up to 30 seconds long, making it feel like a video microblog, similar to TikTok. In addition, Firework has a new function where the viewing of the device that is being viewed is the perspective and not the video itself. In this way, a video can be viewed in both portrait mode and landscape mode.

In addition to Google, Weibo, the Chinese social media giant, would also be interested in Firework. Conversations with the Chinese company would be less advanced than those with Google. However, the sources do not exclude that Google ultimately does not go for an acquisition, but for a trade relationship.

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