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Google starts with peer-to-peer distribution of Android applications

Google has made it possible to distribute Android applications outside the Play Store, while they are then still included in Googles application library. A number of partners have been selected to help with peer-to-peer dissemination.

According to Google is still a beta, and use is made of the introduced . ] possibility to add security metadata to the installation file of an Android application. This allows Google to verify that an application is authentic and that no unauthorized modifications have been made.

This functionality now ensures that Android users can start sharing applications themselves, although this must be done through Google-approved apps; a number of file sharing apps have been selected for the beta program, including ShareIt.

Once an application has been shared with an Android device, Google can check whether the application is authentic without an Internet connection. As soon as the device comes back online it is also possible to include the app in the Play library and to update the software automatically.

Google states that developers do not have to adapt anything to their applications to provide the new p2p-sharing service. support. With the functionality, Google hopes to cater to users who live in regions where peer-to-peer is commonplace.


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