Google starts making video calling application Duo available in browsers

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Google has started making its video calling application Duo available in browsers. Users report that the web version is up and running in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. The web version doesn’t work for everyone yet and doesn’t work at all in Edge.

The web version of Google Duo can be accessed via, users must be logged in to their Google account. According to 9to5Google, user experiences are divided, but the browser version works well for most Chrome users who don’t have a G Suite account.

The web version has a simple interface with a list of recent contacts at the top and a full contact list below. The web version of Duo can handle browser notifications and users can receive a notification that way when they receive a call.

Google itself has not yet provided any information about the web version of Duo. Presumably, the search giant will first enable the functionality for some of the users. Last month, the message came out that Google would be working on a web version of Duo.

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