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Google starts adding advertisements with route planning Maps

Google is going to start selling advertisements in route planning with its Maps app Maps. When users plan a route, a sponsored place may appear on the map where users can navigate after tapping the pin.

The listing will have an ‘adv’ label, . The search giant adds a ‘add destination’ button, so that users can stop on the road at companies that have paid for the advertisement. Users must click on the pin to see the advertisement.

Advertisers can start using the advertising space in the coming weeks. It is unknown whether that will only happen in the United States or whether the sponsored pins will also be shown in the Netherlands. The ads are part of the way Google wants to make money from its Maps service.

Maps also have a function to pronounce the name of places in the local language. That can be seen by a speaker icon next to the place, . The software uses the language of the phone to see if it is necessary to pronounce the name of a place or if the user probably speaks the language himself.

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