Google shows Project Starline for video connection with 3d modeling

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Google presented Project Starline at its own developer conference. It involves a combination of hardware and software to set up a video connection that should feel real. The image adjusts based on user movement.

Project Starline is a set-up located in some Google offices that uses various cameras to create a 3d model of users. This concerns gigabits of data per second, which is sent in compressed form. Then users on the other side can see the person. Thanks to the 3d model, the image adapts to the angle from which a user is viewing.

During the set-up, users can look each other in the eye, something that is often not possible with current techniques, because the screen and the camera are not in the same place. Google has not disclosed the exact plans for the hardware and software, but CEO Sundar Pichai said that partner companies in healthcare and media will be able to access the set-up, among others.

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