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Google shows design change Chrome browser

Google has put a flag live, with which Windows users can already see the upcoming design change of the browser Chrome. Including the tabs get a different appearance from the search giant.

The new appearance can be activated by setting the flag top-chrome-md to option number four. The option is in Chrome Canary, version 68. Canary is an early test version of the browser, before the beta. The stable version of Chrome is on version 66. Material Design refers to the ‘design language’ that Google uses in its services.

 Chrome MD inm v68 and Chrome v65 (April 201 *
Chrome with Material Design (left) and the current stable version of Chrome

The new design is evidenced by the use of shapes and colors, with the new design the texts on tabs are blue instead of black, while the tabs themselves have a new shape. buttons have a different shape, and a click on the lock to see the ssl certificate of a site shows an oval button instead of a rectangular one.
The design comes on Windows, macOS, Linux and Chrome OS, so says the description of the flag, which the Dutch-based tech journalist Owen Williams discovered .The flag only appears to be active on the Windows version, and in a few weeks Google will hold its developers’ conference I / O, on which it is likely to have more will vert on the new design for its browser.


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