Google sells Glass in UK for £1,000

Google started selling Google Glass in the United Kingdom on Monday. It is the first time that the internet giant offers the glasses outside the United States. The glasses cost 1,000 pounds in the UK, which equates to 1,250 euros.

Google offers the glasses as part of the public testing program Explorer. For the time being, only residents of the United Kingdom over the age of eighteen can order Glasses. The glasses and accessories are available in different shapes and colours.

The British Glass is part of the Explorer program and will therefore not be offered on a large scale. With the program, Google wants developers to work with the glasses and come up with ideas for the platform. The final version for consumers may therefore also differ.

In addition to the announcement of the glasses in the United Kingdom, new apps for the glasses were also offered, Cnet knows. For example, there is a news app from The Guardian, which can send news alerts and remember news items for later. A app for football news and a StarChart app, which can be used to look at the stars to see where which planets and stars are, have also become available.