Google releases Pixel 6 update that improves fingerprint scanner

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Google is releasing an update that should improve the performance of the optical fingerprint sensor of Pixel 6 phones. Users have been complaining for some time that it is slower and less accurate than expected.

Not all users can download the software update yet, writes 9to5Google, which noted the update. Verizon only reports that the SD1A.210817.037.A1 update improves the ‘performance’ of the fingerprint sensor. Further information is not officially known. Several Pixel 6 users report on Reddit, among others, that the update solves the problems with the speed and accuracy of the fingerprint sensor.

Google previously indicated that the problems with the sensor were due to security. The device would need longer contact with the finger to do its job better. The company also directed users to its support page that lists potential solutions to the issue. For example, the inaccuracy could be due to bright sunlight or unofficial screen protectors.

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