Google releases Android 10 for Pixel smartphones

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Google has started releasing Android 10. Its own Pixel smartphones will get the new Android version first. Google has also put a new website online with information about Android 10.

Google announced the availability of Android 10 in a blog post, listing ten changes, including the Dark Theme, gesture navigation, and Live Caption to automatically caption media. The latter feature will only be available in the fall and will initially only work on Pixel phones.

Google also mentions new privacy and security features. For example, Android 10 gives the option to let apps only share location data while the app is active. The new operating system also gives reminders when apps in the background request the location. Android 10 gets a new Privacy section in Settings, where users can adjust all kinds of privacy settings.

Also new are system updates via Google Play. Security and privacy fixes can be sent from Google Play in Android 10, as can app updates. That should be faster than the current way of updating the entire operating system. Google has launched a new Android website with extensive information about the novelties in Android 10.

Android 10 will be sent to Pixel smartphones via ota updates from Tuesday. Owners of those phones can also download Factory Images from the Android developer website. Google says it is working with partners to release the new Android version this year. Concrete details about when other smartphones will receive the upgrade are not yet available.

Until recently, Android 10 was known as Android Q. Two weeks ago, Google announced that it no longer names its mobile operating system with treats, but only provides it with a number.

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